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Welcome to a new chapter in your life.
Our days can be filled with ups and downs. We get it.
Hear from other women, just like you, who have rebuilt their lives
As you turn each page you will be be inspired by every story 
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Broken to Brilliant™  breaking free to be you, stories of strength and success 

Proceeds to charity supporting women emerging from domestic violence

“That would never happen to me. I’m too strong. I would walk out.” Those were KC Andrews’ thoughts as a trainee nurse listening to a lecture on domestic violence. But when it happened to her, it took years to finally leave. 

She has now rebuilt her life from the ashes of a brutal marriage, and along the way met other women who have survived the fog of fear and feelings of worthlessness – and then on the outside, endured the disbelief and bureaucratic bungles of those who should have helped. 

But now, each woman’s brilliance is emerging once again.

Each one tells her unique story to help readers understand the many different shapes domestic violence can take. And yet the focus of this book is not on the horror, but the healing. Each woman shares the skills, techniques and attitudes that helped her to shine once again.

This book is for anyone who is living in an abusive relationship, knows someone who is, or has emerged and is looking for a roadmap out of darkness into the light of new beginnings.

A new chapter 
This isn’t just another book;
it is from survivors dedicated to fellow domestic violence survivors.
May each page you turn guide you to a new chapter in your life.
A new chapter if you life
You've totally got this. We're going to work together on helping you to achieve your dream, a new chapter in your life, the life you have always wanted to live. If you've got the desire and just a little bit of time, we can help make something awesome.

Broken to Brilliant™ is an Australian Not For Profit Charity where Domestic Violence Survivors Mentor other Survivors to re-establish successful lives. These courageous women are mothers, accountants, nurses, managers, models, executive managers, sales trainers and account executives. Each at a different stage in re-establishment and recovery, they have banded together to share how they have rebuilt their lives.

This is a truly courageous book
This is a truly courageous book. I thank each writer for being so brave for themselves, their families and our community. For allowing us into their lives so we can learn, understand and ultimately make domestic violence part of our distant past. Truly, let the individual and communal healing begin. Jane Monica-Jones
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You make the difference
Chapter One: How to Plan, Protect and Prosper

“It’s not what you HAVE, it’s what you DO that makes the DIFFERENCE.”

holding hands
Chapter Two: There is Great Strength in Gentleness

“Does your partner always make you feel safe?”

Chapter Three:  Pieces to a better life

“Contribution is an incredibly uplifting and empowering act of  kindness. It lifts your soul, ignites passion and motivates you to do more for others. It heals in a way that nothing else can.”

Chapter Four: Beginning with Me
“Make peace with yourself; know your own mind and heart.”
Positive thinking
Chapter Five: Tears and Time

“Look back on all of the past events and believe that they have helped to make you the special woman that you are today.”

Chapter Six: The Badge of Suffering

“I changed my victim mentality to one of empowerment, confidence and internal happiness.”

Chapter Seven: Genuine Human Kindness Can Change Your Life

“You are smart, brilliant and never broken. You don’t need to be fixed and nobody can take what you don’t give them. Own your brilliance, own your power and own your radiance. Once awakened, acknowledged and embraced, it is yours forever.”

Learn to love yourself
Chapter Eight: A Journey of Self-Discovery

“With confidence and love for yourself, I believe that you can achieve anything.”

Rays light blue sky
Chapter Nine: My Wish for Happiness

“Life is about finding happiness.”

Chapter Ten: We All Need a Slice of SPAM

“Why keep going? Why stands for What Heightens You to go out and take action against the odds.”

Praise for Broken to Brilliant
Broken to Brilliant is an inspiring collection of poignant stories celebrating the solidarity of shared adversity and is therefore an invaluable resource for every woman who still suffers in silence. Kelly Niland, Educator
If you are serious about changing your life
If you are serious about changing your life after domestic violence, read this book. It gives practical information about how you can turn your life around, by women just like you. Many of them have been subjected to the worst possible domestic violence, but from the depths of despair and/or debt have reached for the skies and grasped brilliance firmly with both hands. Shireen, Communications Specialist
Survival, hope, and a way forward
With great care and dignity, KC Andrews brings together the stories of ten inspiring women who lead us through their own journey of survival, hope, and a way forward. As human beings we search for meaning in our lives, particularly during times of conflict and suffering where we question why life has sent us the challenges before us. The journeys of these women will connect with many and provide a source of strength to each of us. I recommend this book to men and women who draw personal courage and conviction from the stories of the heroes and role models amongst us. Tracey, Teacher
Triumph over adversity
I have always believed that there is brilliance within every person, but that sometimes we lose sight of it, or perhaps are not even aware of its existence. Broken to Brilliant is a collection of personal stories that will show you how the human spirit can triumph over adversity, and step into brilliance. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who is facing hard times, and feels broken. I promise you will be inspired by every story.
Dr Fiona Hawthorne PhD, Churchill Fellow, General Manager, Hummingbird House
We've been there, we took action, now it's your turn!
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Give a copy of the book Broken to Brilliant and we will arrange for the book to be donated to services that support domestic violence survivors. Including women's refuges and other support services.
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First published in Australia in 2016
by Broken to Brilliant Ltd™, Brisbane, Australia
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